You miss 100% of the shots you never take.-Wayne Gretzky

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After serving eight years in the United States Armed Forces, Josh Seitz became a Real Estate Investor with the help and education know how from a company called Renatus. In just 19 months; Josh has acquired 12 rental properties that covers 5 states (Ohio, Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri, and Georgia) and even acquiring international real estate in the country of Panama. His first deal was in Cleveland, Ohio where he used a seller carry back mortgage strategy he learned from the Renatus education system.

As a Hawaiin resident; he also owns a UPS Store and a franchise restaurant on the island of Oahu. He and his team are in the process of acquiring a $30 Million franchise business to add to his asset column. With the variety and magnitude of these investments, it wasn’t possible without taking the time to learn deal structure, banking strategies and investing strategies. He gained his knowledge from the amazing Renatus education system. Educating himself was his first step and recommendation to anyone who wants to work his/her business the right way and the correct way.

If you want to learn to invest in Real Estate the way Seitz and his team has, contact him today at 916-220-0652. Or you can send him an email here. He can take you to Seitz Unseen.